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The Allied System Conference

The Permanent Council

Janus Arbitration
Sol Telecomm
Kartikeya Industries
Luxing Aerospace
IRR Construction Systems

ASC Worlds

Also known as the Inner Worlds, these are the planets solarside of the planetary asteroid belt. These colonies are under the strictest authority of the Allied System Conference, routinely patrolled by jacks of various stripes, and well within the reach of the Judiciary Agents.

Earth Preserve
Luna Colony
Mars Colonies

The Outer Worlds

No Lifi lanes extend to the Outer Worlds, nor are there any set highways. Beyond Van Allen’s Belt the rules are somewhat relaxed. The anarcho-syndicalist settlement on Titan is the most extreme of these places, representing a booming gray-market for Augments and Biogens.

Jovian Colonies
Saturnine Colonies
Far Colonies
The Expedition

Laws and Arbitration

ASC Convention on Citizenship
ASC Strong AI Convention
ASC Communications Convention
ASC Fabricator Convention
ASC Convention on Genetic Alteration

Technology and Things of Interest

Orbital Routers
The Jacksuit
Turing Devices
Quantum Encryption
Genetic Engineering
Massless Propulsion
Space Combat
HUD Contacts
Fabricator Hubs

Religion in the 22nd Century

All powerful religious organizations have re-organized themselves under the ASC standard Corporate-Faith template. The few exceptions to that are the Council of Hindi Faiths, the East Asian faiths, the Non-centralized Buddhists, the Neo-pagan Movements, Scientology, Latin Catholicism (LatCat), and the Wahhabi Caliphate.

Extremist Protestant Groups
Centralized Buddhism
Unified Hindi Church (UHC)
Roman Catholicism (often called Corporate-Catholicism)
Latin Catholicism (i.e., Communist Catholicism)
The Caliphate
State Shintoism
Neo-pagan Movements


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