Janus Arbitration

Legal Services

Janus Arbitration provides inter-corporate judiciaries for conflict resolution as well as operating the entirety of the sitting Intersystem Chamber of Justice (ICJ). There are other small scale arbitration firms, but all Judicial Agents of the ASC are citizens of Janus and all public justice is done in Janus court systems.

Janus University School of Law and Arbitration, located in the Terraforma quadrant of Luna Colony, is the single most prestigious legal school in the system. Of course, Janus sometimes farms off disputes to smaller companies, and the University of Titan maintains its own legal traditions that sometimes lead to outside magistrates and judges being appointed in Janus courts.

It’s important to remember, though, that even if a lawyer or a judge in your courtroom aren’t Janus citizens, the entire courtroom’s physical presence, craft services, and telepresence are still rented from Janus.

ASC Emissary

Proxy Plenipotentiary

The Enforcement Fleet, nominally paid for by the ASC, is Janus’ private agglomeration of warships used to enforce recalcitrant judgments. There have only been a few instances in history where the full might of the Enforcement Fleet has been needed, the most well-known and memorable during the Reclamation of Saturn when the mining company Vulcan Industries went bankrupt but refused to turn over their equipment scattered throughout the rings.

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Janus Arbitration

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