IRR Construction Systems

Fabricators and Designs

IRR Construction began its life as Inteco, a construction firm in the Eastern European world. With the explosion of fabrifactories in the early 2040s, Inteco acquired a number of printing operations and expanded in the fabrication world from there.

At first, IRR was shut out of the new ASC by the old ASC Convention on Fabricators (mostly rejecting fabrication technology in favor of more labor-heavy practices, to ensure maximal employment) and indeed, a brief system-wide war was fought between the ASC and IRR, primarily through proxies on the Mars Colonies. The war ended with the promulgation of a new ASC Convention on Fabrication and the addition of IRR as an ASC signatory and member of the Permanent Council.

IRR currently owns and operates most of the fabcenters in the system. Copyright on approximately 60% of industrial fabrication and 30% of household fabrication belongs to IRR. Fab rent has made IRR fabulously wealthy, beyond even some of the Permanent Six.

ASC Emissary

Proxy Plenipotentiary


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IRR Construction Systems

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