Allied System Conference

The Allied System Conference is a multi-corporate governing body that incorporates the sovereign corporate states of most of the star system. Signatories to the ASC implicitly grant it the right to arbitrate all inter-corporate disputes (barring a veto from the Permanent Council) as well as permit ASC agents free access to all but the most sensitive layers of corporate security.

Special ASC Bodies
Earth Preservation Chamber
The ASC Earth Preservation Chamber is a ten-member body that governs the Earth Preserve exclusively. The body is composed of the ASC Permanent Council and the Big Four Earth corporations.

The Intersystem Chamber of Justice
ICJ is the domain of Janus Arbitration and fully run by this Permanent Council member. The ICJ has the authority to dispatch Justice Agents to retrieve criminals and enforce ASC mandates. For that end, ICJ also maintains a massive Enforcement Fleet of peacekeeping vessels rivaled only by the private corporate holdings of Kartikeya Industries, Luxing Aerospace, and the Titan Collective.

Earth Orbital Administration
While the major Orbital Relays are all owned by Sol Telecomm, the Earth Relay is actually a joint ASC venture with the remaining Big Four Earth governments. EOA is notoriously slow and backward, but suspicion is that it kowtows almost instantly to the Permanent Six—because Earth Preserve is where each of these corporations has their headquarters, rapid communication with their periphery is a necessity, as is coordination with their Q-board flagships in the corp fleet.

Major Conventions
ASC Convention on Citizenship
ASC Strong AI Convention

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Allied System Conference

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