Orbital Routers

The Orbital Routing Relay Platforms, commonly called simply “Orbital Routers,” are a switching gate for all intrasystem traffic. Normal signal latencies are listed here for ease of calculation, but Orbital Routers make use of quantum-entangled “Q-boards” which each are provided with a single “sister” board on another relay.

Access to these Orbital Antenna is extremely expensive and may take as long or longer than normal latency operations, depending on the distance of the transmission.

Latency from Earth:
Luna: 1.3 seconds
Mars: 4-24 minutes
Jupiter: 33-53 minutes
System Brink: 5 hours

Transmission on Q-boards is instantaneous. However, wait queues for a Q-transmission can exceed 24 hours depending on current traffic.

Rented Q-terminals are 100% system-secure and often used for two-way data transmission in realtime. Thus, the most frequent use of the q-terminal is for telepresence meetings across the system.

It should be noted that each of the corporation fleets maintains a Communications and Flagship connection with the Earth Orbital Router in order to relay information in realtime to all the ships in the fleet.

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Orbital Routers

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