Also known as a “Jaksuit” to the more savvy, Jacksuits are imitation muscle skinsuits that enhance agility, strength, and reaction time by greatly reducing the response time of the body. Further, all jacksuits are outfitted with a dumb brain for absorbing small arms fire by means of auto-adjusting tensile strength.

Jacksuits are commonly light blue in color, having the appearance of a particularly light wetsuit. They are invariably a mark of Corp Police and Judicial Agents. It’s believed the etymology of the name descends from the jackboot. For this reason, Corp Police and Agents are commonly called “jacks,” though certain scholars on Titan believe it actually stems from the 18th century term jakke (slang for a mechanical device).

These suits can also be provided with biometric monitoring and a simple onboard doctor (which comes as a sort of small backpack and can administer blood, saline, adrenaline, etc.)

Game Stats
Detects incoming fire and melee weapons; detects slugs on a roll of 14 or less and hypervelocity gauss needles on a 12 or less. If the jacksuit detects the attack, it protects with PD 5, DR 30.

Jacksuits can augment the user’s strength (improving it to Strength 25) for short periods of time. The length of time the strength boost can be activated depends on the level of strength desired: the higher the strength, the more of the suit’s electrolytes and ATP are used up. Strength 19 can be run indefinitely. Dexterity can be increased in the same way.

If a jacksuit is outfitted with a doctor, adrenal boosts and rapid response healing is available.

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