ASC Convention on Citizenship

This exceedingly long document sets out the ASC methods and requirements of corporate citizenship as well as limiting the extrajudicial capacity of each sovereign corporation.

Types of citizenship that can be acquired under the ASC system include:

Board Level Citizenship is the highest type of citizenship that is available. Board level citizens of any corporation are literally a class of their own.

Council Citizenship is a type of Plenary Citizenship that can only be granted by Permanent Council Members.

Plenary Citizenship is a type of citizenship grantable by all corporations to upper management.

High Citizenship is citizenship granted by a Permanent Council Member at the Full level. High Citizens cannot be detained by anyone save their parent corporation and ASC Judicial Agents.

Full Citizenship is citizenship granted by any non-Permanent Council signatory at the Full level. Full Citizens can be detained by Permanent Council judiciaries pending their charging and eventual transfer into the IJC.

Half Citizenship is reserved for low level laborers, criminals, etc. It provides some benefits, but Half Citizens do not have access to many ASC features (such as the court system). Half citizens cannot begin a new complaint or court case without the endorsement of a Full Citizen. Travel is much more difficult for Half Citizens, and they must receive authorization from someone above them to leave their planetary environment.

Compromised Citizenship is a form of criminal citizenship that is the result of a judgment against a citizen. Most citizen rights are revoked and wages are generally garnished at this stage.

Null Citizenship represents those who have no citizenship in any corporation, or a citizenship in one of the old Earth governments. Outside the Earth Preserve, null citizens have no protections at all. They can be killed or defrauded without consequences unless some Full Citizen seeks legal proceedings as the null citizen’s representative. {+15 point disadvantage} Null Citizenship only comes about as a punishment for the most heinous of crimes or absolute debt. No corporation is permitted, by the Convention on Citizenship, from dropping the citizenship of a citizen who has not had a IJC adjudication declare their citizenship void.

Citizenship and Rank in GURPS

Board Level – Status 6+
Council Level – Status 4-5
Plenary Level – Status 2-3
High Level – Status 1
Full – Status 0
Half – Status -1
Compromised – Status -2
Null – Status -3

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ASC Convention on Citizenship

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