The year is 2125

The Six stand as the biggest and most powerful organizations in the System. Like some awful Darwinian struggle, only the most brutal have survived. LSI, Janus Arbitration, Sol Telecomm, Kartikeya Industries, Luxing Aerospace, and IRR Construction Systems represent fully 65% of activity on the oversystem market (which is, itself, distributed and managed by a Sol subsidiary, Junket Trading).

With the colonies constantly expanding and in need of material, the post-capitalist “Utopia” of the Allied System Conference (the ASC) represents the needs and requirements of the Permanent Six and a number of smaller firms and concerns. The ASC serves as the de facto government outside all company claves.

The year is now 2125. A killing wind blows through the colonies. Anarchy, labor riots, and fear. The Six are not happy.

A Killing Wind

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