The Expedition

“A fleet of approximately one hundred vessels spread over a certain distance is necessary to account for all possible system failures and environmental hazards. Cryostasis is the most obvious solution to this problem (see Section 4 of this paper), but other options are also viable. Particularly enticing is that of placing embryonic information onboard, decanting the embryos at the appropriate time, and raising them with shipboard Turings (see Appendix III for a full description of this proposed program).”
—"To the Stars, or at least a Star," Heinrich Ledmüller, Annual Luxing Report, 2095

The Expedition was a joint ASC venture to colonize a distant star system. It consisted of eight hundred ships of various builds, some with cryostatic chambers for the crew, others following the so-called Appendix III plan.

The Expedition will be in transit for at least five hundred more years before arriving at its destination system.

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The Expedition

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