KTK Industry’s AB*-23 “Shieldman” is a robust, 2 lb. portable comp favored by security contractors and independent datacrunchers who must travel frequently. It has a military-style shell of foam ceramic, and splits the effective difference between a light-weight computer and a non-portable PC to capture that sub-contractor market. Sly nods to pre-Body Wars electronic design are featured in these comps, including circuitry which is satirically advertised as “Hot NPoP⁹ Stack Action! All Organic!”, among other things. Corporate self-relevance aside, such retro processors have seen a revitalization recently, due to durability and customization potential. The AB-23 has Complexity 4 (5 with common mods) and stores 60 TB of data (At TL 9). J$600, 2B/20 Hrs or External Power. Often used in conjunction with Hud Contacts.

AR Hologloves (TL9): These devices are sheer or partial gloves made of processing smartcloth with clusters of micro-FreDs (Fresnel diodes) in the fingertips to create a holographic interface in tandem with a HUD display. They can be used in conjunction with HUD Contacts as well as most other comps over Complexity 2, to facilitate complex and dynamic UIs.

They are Complexity 3, can last for 8 hours of holographic projection, being partly piezoelectric. There are many different gestural Operating systems choreographed for these things; they are commonly loaded with a crash course in the manufacturer’s preferred OS. J$70

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