Sol Telecomm


Sol Telecomm owns the Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter Orbital Routers, which allow instantaneous communication between each of the three junction points. They are currently building Pluto Relay, for communication out on the Great Edge.

Emissary to the ASC

Proxy Plenipotentiary

Sol Subsidiaries
Junket Trading. Junket owns and operates a great number of oversystem markets and the Junket has become the main medium of exchange absent sovereign coin. Of course, each corporation issues credit, but when you want to trade with someone in another corporate, corpo script isn’t very useful. What you want is secure, untraceable, encrypted, stock packets. You want Junket or J$. Junket trading trades under the UT name of JNKT.

Anthropocentrene History Anthro, as its commonly called, is a history venture that specializes in information and forecast services. Anthro trades under the UT name of ANTHR.

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Sol Telecomm

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