Search Corporation


TRADING AT J$80.45 (+0.03 today)
PARENT: Kartikeya Industries
CEO: Larson Shou

Search Corporation specializes in data gathering and stellar telemetry. They own the Quantum Transceiver Antenna on the Long Journey’s Vago and transmit new data to that flagship.* They also have the largest marketshare by volume of in-system telemetry sales, although they are closely followed by both Datafi (independent) and the Deimos Interplanetary Grid (Sol Telecomm).

Data for Lifi lanes and transport ships often comes from the Search facilities on Ganymede. Search is known for employing graymarket mercenary contractors to gather data, as well as the much-maligned Search Initiative, which is an inheritor of the ancient SETI mission statement.

Search was founded by the combination of ARCLAB and Bayo Stellar Instruments and works beneath a Kartikeya Industries liability umbrella. Search may also be involved with low-level spy work. They work closely with the Think-Hub on Europa, forming a strong partnership with IRR Construction Systems.

*This is a natural ownership. The Vago works were built by Bayo Stellar Instruments, one of the two founding corporations that was merged to form Search.

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Search Corporation

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