Massless Propulsion

The primary method of massless propulsion in use is that of an Electromagnetic Impulse Drive such as the MDrive (owned by Luxing Aerospace) or the CDrive (owned by Kartikeya Industries). These impulse systems rely on thrust generated from microwaves bombarding a specially shaped chamber. Since ships require no reactant to use these drives, their employment is essentially free as long as energy-conversion in photovoltaic cells remains constant.

The other primary form of reactionless travel is the solar sail. Slow-moving solar barges are responsible for most inter-system trade in bulk. These ships take up to half a year to transit between Earth Preserve and the Mars Colonies. Rapid solar sail transit is not feasible to the Outer Planets, though there are automated barges that make this trip.

Military Propulsion
While most massless drives use photovoltaic cells for power, military grade ships generally run internal nuclear plants to prevent disabling by exterior damage.

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Massless Propulsion

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