Fabricator Hubs

While certain things (for example, high-precision electronics and various highly copy-protected designs) are not available to be printed at your local Fabricator Hub (FabMart, Whyfab, and AutoFab being the most well known, though mom and pop fabs still exist), fully everything required in normal day to day activity for a standard citizen can be printed and purchased at a fabricator.

These local fabshops generally maintain a very large database of designs onsite. More complicated or esoteric designs must be pulled down from the Net or even interplanetary networks.

Fabshops must pay off a 33% copyright fee as well as stock vats of raw material (both biological and mineral, if they intend to print both machinery/objects and biological matter). Though fabrication is technically a very cheap process, the savings are not passed on to the consumer.

Further, additional prices are charged (as much as 20%!) for fast fabrication. Fab lines can be as long as a week in many neighborhoods. Private fabricators are available, but generally expensive enough to price them out of consumer range.

Fabricator Corporations


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Fabricator Hubs

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