Earth Preserve

Planetary Preserve

Rules on Earth are very strict and enforced by the ASC in conjunction with the somewhat withered remnants of the major nations. The largest of these are, of course, Eurogroup, the BRIC Counsel, and the U.S. Territorial Authority (USTA).

Together, the Big Four national bodies each make up a single territory-holding corporate entity on Earth. The ASC has a special chamber for Earth-related matters on which the Big Four have as much say as any of the Permanent Six. Together, these ten powers make up the governance of 80% of the Earth’s surface.

All agriculture and industry is illegal on the Earth Preserve. Fabcenters and fabfactories exist, but are under strict cleanliness mandates. Much of the planet has been returned to the wild following the Ecological Preservation Mandate of 2081, which was one of the first acts of the ASC Earth Preservation Chamber.

The Big Six each keep their corporate headquarters on sovereign corporate territory on the Earth and administer their empires through the ASC-owned Earth Orbital Router (which is the only one of the major system routers not fully owned and operated by Sol Telecomm).

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Earth Preserve

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